I'm Laura, the owner of Vintage Wax Parlour. 

I love all things vintage:

The quality is so well-built. The craftsmanship may display imperfections but shows that someone made it by hand. The history of that object captures a little mystery - what was life like at that time? What were people like in that era? Most importantly, vintage items bring a sense of nostalgia and leaves a warmhearted, meaningful feeling. 

I've always enjoyed having a creative outlet which accelerated when I started making wax melts.

My education and work background is in science. This craft was a balance of a science experiment (continuous testing of different wax blends, heating to different temperatures, trying different types of oils) and creativeness (mixing scents, discovering different shapes, designing labels, and product photography). Vintage-inspired scents quickly became a passion for me.

Most of my time is cherishing being with my two young daughters. My husband has been the biggest source of encouragement for me to continue to grow and learn in this craft. They are proof that wishes can come true. 

I hope these wax melts may give some happiness, sense of nostalgia, or comfort to you in similar ways that they have brought those feelings to me.