What type of wax is used?

A custom blend of coconut wax and beeswax is used. We get beeswax from a small local Wisconsin beekeeper that has a few hives near Johnson Creek, WI. 
Coconut wax is the most sustainable wax available (compared to soy which is a GMO crop that uses heavy pesticides and fertilizer additives) but coconut is a very soft wax. A small amount of beeswax is added to help harden the wax blend.


What type of fragrances are used?

Only 100% phthalate-free fragrances are used.
No coloring or dyes are added. 


Where are these made?

Each batch is hand poured with care in Greendale, WI.
Over 90% of the wax and fragrance oil ingredients are purchased from small, family-owned businesses in the Midwest.


How are wax melts used?

Use 1 wax melt shape for a small room (bathroom) or 2 wax melt shapes for a medium/large sized room.

Coconut wax loves the heat! More fragrance will be released in a hot tea light warmer. Electric wax warmers work well if it is 25W or higher so that the wax is heated high enough to properly release the fragrance. 

When the scent can no longer be smelled, (extinguish the tealight) then carefully use cotton balls to soak up the wax and discard in the trash.  


Where can I find your products?

These are currently available online and in stores:

Burlap and Lace in downtown Waukesha, WI


What are your latest perfumes like?

Our best-selling item doesn't use wax! People love our affordable, unique handmade perfumes and colognes.

We have continuously improved our perfume labels and bottles based on the feedback from our customers (the perfume formula always stays the same strength). Our perfume labels are now eco-friendly, sustainable labels printed with Leapin' Lizard Labels! 


What is the shipping policy and do you deliver locally?

Standard shipping rates apply. In hot summer months, products are shipped Monday-Wednesday to avoid having wax melts sit in an overheated mail truck over the weekend. 
Local delivery in the Milwaukee area is possible. Please inquire if you are interested in local delivery. 
See the shipping policy noted at the bottom of the webpage for more details. 


Do you have more questions?

Please inquire directly via the Contact Form or vintagewaxparlour@gmail.com
This is a small business run by one person. Please inquire if a large order is desired or if you have any special requests / customizations wanted.